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Can you fly with CBD?

Posted by Lindsay Creswell on
Can you fly with CBD?

For many people summer is a time for travel.  As you pack your bags to head to the airport you may find yourself questioning whether or not it is safe for you to fly with your CBD products. The answer to this question is YES.

The TSA unveiled these new guidelines following reports of a 71 year-old-grandmother was arrested and jailed for having CBD oil on her at the Dallas Fort worth Airport.

Here is the policy as it appears on the TSA’s website:

As long as you are traveling with hemp-derived CBD products that adhere to Federal regulations stated in the Farm Bill than TSA will permit the products in both carry-on and checked luggage.

Prior to this change TSA did not differentiate between marijuana and hemp-derived CBD. These new guidelines do not mean you are able to fly with marijuana. Marijuana is still federally illegal and TSA explicitly stated, “Officers are required to report an suspected violations of law to local, state, or federal authorities”.

These new guidelines mean CBD is officially safe for the skies. You can enjoy your summer travel without any uncertainty when packing your favorite hemp-derived CBD products.

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