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Alula Essentials CBD Team

Alula Essentials came to fruition when three compassionate and creative friends decided to get together to create hemp derived products that are made with high quality ingredients, have consistent potency levels, and most of all enhance the lives of humans and animals alike.



Lindsay has always been dedicated to helping others. Lindsay graduated from Michigan State University in 2011 with a B.A in Communication and Public Relations. She then moved to Vail, Colorado in 2012. This is where Lindsay was introduced to the Cannabis Industry and worked in various roles (Medical Dispensary Manager, Marijuana Infused Product Kitchen Manager, Marijuana Infused Product Production, and MED Compliance). Lindsay decided to take a break to pursue a graduate degree from the University of Denver and graduated with an M.A in Marketing Communications with an additional graduate certificate in new media and internet marketing in 2016. Lindsay has always been devoted to helping others and has spent time working for various non-profit groups.



Travis is a passionate advocate for alternative health solutions. Travis also moved to Colorado from Michigan in 2012 and dove straight in to his hemp farming career. Additionally, Travis decided to expand his skills and become a trained closed-loop hydrocarbon extractor. Travis has worked as an extractor for several Colorado Marijuana Infused Product laboratories as well as served as a consultant in distillation and extraction methods.


Co-Founder/Head of Product Development

Stephen M. Paul has always had a passion for learning and creating. He attended the Ohio State University to study physics. After college Stephen moved to Denver, Colorado where he worked in the marijuana industry for several years prior to meeting Travis and Lindsay. After several months of discussion and planning the trio started the foundation of Alula Essentials in Jaunary of 2019. Stephen believes firmly in the benefits of CBD and looks forward to offering the highest quality products on the market so that you may experience the benefits as well.