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What is Alula Essentials CBD?

Alula Essentials is derived from the Alula Borealis double star in the Ursa Major constellation. In certain cultures Alula translate as "the first leap" which we found very fitting for our first business venture. In Greek tradition the Alula Borealis positioning in the constellation represents the feet of the great bear, providing stability and strength, which we hope to provide in each of our products.

Alula Essentials believes everyone should have easy access to high-quality, third-party tested, and at a reasonable price.

Alula Essentials CBD offers sales to consumers in all 50 states. Alula Essentials CBD also offers wholesale products for local and national retailers, for more information send an e-mail to

Alula Essentials CBD also offers white label services for other hemp companies. For more information e-mail

Alula Essentials Compliant CBD: 

Alula Essentials CBD uses USA grown and extracted hemp in all of our products. We use CBD Isolate as well as CBD distillate that has been tested and complies with all legal guidelines. Each product batch is tested by a third-party certified lab.

The Alula Essentials CBD Experience: 

Alula Essentials CBD prides themselves in having over 10+ years of combined experience in the medical cannabis and hemp related fields. Each member of Alula Essentials CBD witnessed marijuana legalization from the ground up and are dedicated to ensuring our products go through the same rigorous regulations from testing to production to FDA compliance.

Alula Essentials CBD Core Values & Mission Statement:

Core Values: Alula Essentials takes pride in putting out a high quality and reliable product. We also value people and animals from all walks of life and are passionate about helping others & contributing to a brighter future of our world. With that being said the 5 main Core Values of Alula Essentials are:
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Being mindful of others
  • Communication and transparency
  • Responsibility
Mission Statement: To create and promote the power of natural and wholesome alternatives for your body, mind, and soul.